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Willing to get your post published and paid for the posts? Are you looking for guest post services at affordable prices?

If you want so, then you are in the right place! Yes, we are seeking a paid guest post. Also, we offer 1 or 2 links per post in the e-content section itself. Instead of managing a separate author’s section, we thought to publish a paid post, as it will provide benefits not only to us but to you too!

Here, we offer only paid posts. No free, follow or exchange posts are accepted by Raghav Digital Marketing & Business Ideas. Also, to be very clear with my company rules, that no plagiarized post will be accepted. This is the rule you have to follow if you want your post to be published on our website. 

Right down, mentioned some of the strategies for you, which you have to follow for getting your post published are discussed :-

  1. The post should be 100% unique & a minimum of 1000 words will be accepted.
  2. Your content should be informative, useless content will not be accepted.
  3. The writer of the content should know about SEO, SMO, SMM, etc.
  4. The post should not be shared anywhere before or after publishing the content, otherwise content will be not accepted OR removed.
  5. Each content should have only one or two links. More than two links will not be accepted in a post.
  6. The content should be in MS Word format.
  7. Content should have an applicable relevant image attached to it.
  8. The content should be sent in the doc file.  

MS Word is the bread and butter of getting acceptance of the content. Content will not be accepted in any other format other than MS Word.

Now, coming to the point, if still after reading our terms and guidelines, you think that can fulfill all criteria, then you are most welcome to “RDM”. If your content is 100% unique, with no grammatical mistakes, and with links and relevant images attached, send it to our email.

Here is our email provided-

Again to be very clear, if the article will not be according to the mentioned guidelines or will be having any issues, it will not be accepted.

As we are getting a lot of requests for acceptance and publication of posts, so your posts may take the time of 1 or 2 days. If due to any reason your content is not published even after acceptance or is rejected, then our team will notify you by dropping a mail.

Your guest posting content will be published in our blog section. As your content will be approved, you will be notified as soon as possible.